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Distinguished and Famous people from Riverland

Peter Drouyn (1949-2015)

Peter Drouyn, born in Loxton, Riverland, was an Australian professional surfer and a pioneer of modern surfing. He gained widespread recognition during the 1960s and 1970s, known for his innovative surfing style and radical maneuvers. Drouyn played a significant role in shaping the progression of surfing as a sport.

Lee Kernaghan (born 1964)

Lee Kernaghan, a renowned country music singer and songwriter, was born in Corryong, Victoria, but grew up in the Riverland region. He became one of Australia's most successful country music artists, with numerous chart-topping albums and hit singles. Kernaghan's contributions to the Australian music industry have earned him multiple awards and a dedicated fan base.

Chloe Hosking (born 1990)

Chloe Hosking, hailing from the Riverland town of Mannum, is an accomplished professional road cyclist. She has represented Australia in numerous international competitions, including the Olympic Games and UCI World Championships. With several notable victories in prestigious races, Hosking has established herself as one of Australia's top female cyclists.

Iain Klugman (born 1962)

Iain Klugman, originally from the Riverland, is an influential figure in the field of technology and innovation. As the CEO of Communitech, a renowned Canadian startup accelerator and innovation hub, Klugman played a crucial role in promoting technological advancements and fostering entrepreneurship. He has been recognized globally for his contributions to the tech industry.

Bert Tucker (1907-1985)

Bert Tucker, a respected Australian rules footballer, was born in the Riverland town of Berri. He had a successful career playing for Footscray in the Victorian Football League (VFL) during the 1930s. Tucker's exceptional skills on the field earned him much acclaim and he was later inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Frank Ryan (1911-1983)

Frank Ryan, born in Renmark, Riverland, was an Australian poet and writer. He gained recognition for his contributions to Australian literature, particularly through his poetry collections. Ryan's works often focused on rural and outback themes, capturing the essence of Australian landscapes and lifestyles.

Fred and Harold Basse (1903-1994 and 1903-1985)

Fred and Harold Basse, identical twins from Monash in the Riverland, were Australian tennis players who achieved considerable success during the 1920s and 1930s. They competed in numerous national and international tennis tournaments, earning a reputation as formidable doubles players.

Ruby Hunter (1955-2010)

Ruby Hunter, an influential Indigenous singer, songwriter, and actor, was born in the Riverland region. She made significant contributions to the Australian music industry, utilizing her powerful voice and storytelling skills to promote Indigenous culture and social justice. Hunter's achievements were recognized with prestigious awards, including the Deadly Award for Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music.

Tom Gleisner (born 1962)

Tom Gleisner, originally from the Riverland town of Barmera, is a well-known Australian comedian, television producer, and writer. He is one of the co-founders of Working Dog Productions and has been involved in the creation of popular Australian comedy shows, such as "The Late Show" and "Thank God You're Here." Gleisner's comedic talent has earned him widespread acclaim.

Brian Littrell (born 1975)

Brian Littrell, a member of the internationally renowned American boy band Backstreet Boys, was born in the Riverland town of Mannum. Known for his distinctive vocals, Littrell has achieved tremendous success as a musician, with Backstreet Boys selling millions of records worldwide.

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